Interesting paper on intraspecific trait variation and range shifts

Angert AL, SN Sheth, and JR Paul. 2011Incorporating population variation in thermal performance into geographic range shift predictions. Integrative and Comparative Biology

“Therefore, species-level projections of distribution might overestimate the species’ ability to persist at any given location. However, current approaches to modeling distributions often do not consider variation among populations. Here, we estimated genetically-based differences in thermal performance curves for growth among 12 populations of the scarlet monkeyflower, Mimulus cardinalis, a perennial herb of western North America. We inferred the maximum relative growth rate (RGRmax), temperature optimum (Topt), and temperature breadth (Tbreadth) for each population. We used these data to test for tradeoffs in thermal performance, generate mechanistic population-level projections of distribution under current and future climates” 

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