Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality overcomes everything.”

George Lois

Toward a more predictive biology and ecology . . . .

blockWe are a bunch of broadly trained ecologists, plant ecologists, physiologists, evolutionary biologists macroecologists, and informaticians. We seek to discover general processes of how organisms (mainly plants) work and interact with their environment in order to synthesize and build a more predictive biodiversity science and ecological science. We work in tropical and temperate forests and high alpine ecosystems and use both theoretical, computational, informatics, biophysical and physiological and ecophysiological approaches.

Research in the lab can be summarized into four distinct yet interrelated areas:

(i) The origin and maintenance of diversity via the evolution and ecology of form and function;

(ii) Building a general theory of allometry and biological scaling: Phenotypic integration, and the scaling of biological processes from cells to ecosystems.

(iii) Trait-based ecology & evolution

(iv) Community ecology and Macroecology