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Research in the lab has been featured in several documentaries, seminar series, and public talks . . . watch us and read about us via several of these links!

LAB DOCUMENTARIES| LAB PRESS B.J. Enquist – Various seminars, public lectures, and interviews

Lab Documentaries

  • PBS NOVAHunting the Hidden Dimension. Watch many in the lab in action here, most of our footage and interviews start at 41:00 minutes into the show. There is a clip of just the part of the feature with my lab and collaborators which you can watch here. Features us in tropical forests of Costa Rica and Brian and colleagues at the Santa Fe Institute.
  • National Geographic – X-Ray Earth – watch the lab in action in the mountains of Colorado making physiological and ecosystem measurements. Looks like NatGeo is good at taking down copies from YouTube but you can at least watch us here at about 50minutes in.
  • In the Beat of a Heart  For a year we had a book author and reporter travel with us on various field excursions and stay with us in the lab to go through theory.  The end result is a science featuring many in the lab. It is a popular press book entitled “In the Beat of a Heart” by Nature news writer John Whitfield and was reviewed in Nature here. The book “combines biography, history, science and nature writing to capture the exciting advances— and the people who are making them—that are triggering a revolution as potentially important to biology as Newton’s insights were to physics.” You can find reviews here on and read most of the book via google here.

 Various Lab Press

Brian Enquist – Various seminars, public lectures, and interviews

Climate change, predicting the fate of our forests, & tropical ecology

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